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Whitehall is getting personal and other new features

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Some of the Whitehall team may have been taking a well-deserved holiday but the team has kept plugging away on some cracking new features, performance enhancements and tools to aid the transition of ALBs.

Here are the highlights for publishers:

We can see what you’re doing

We are now tracking the performance of admin using Google Analytics and this is helping us better understand how admin is used and how its performance can be improved.


Getting personal

Now when you log in to admin you are presented with a personalised dashboard featuring your draft documents and your organisation’s force published documents that need reviewed.


Add this

The admin nav now features a + button which you can click when you want to create a new document.

It’s part of the work to reduce the noise in admin (if you want the old school flavour, it’s still there on the ‘Documents’ page).


It had been the case that editorial notes, change history and any fact checking was all mixed in together in one list on the right hand column when previewing a document in admin.

We’ve now introduced tabs for each of these to help differentiate between them.


You’re in the lead

The lead organisation field is automatically populated when you create a document based on your user account.

Topical material

It is now possible to associate publications and consultations to topical events. This association is managed and displayed in the same manner as topics.

Attention to detail

Departments dealing in a lot of detailed guidance can advertise the fact on their homepages.

Control this by editing your organisation and selecting the categories under which you have guides; these categories then display on the org homepage under topics.


Time of delivery

You can specify the exact time a speech was given or a publication was released.

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