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GOV.UK transition: a round up of the best blog posts

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We love updating people about all the things we’re doing at GDS - and there’s so much to talk about!  But here’s a round-up of useful blog posts focused on the needs of those leading the transition to GOV.UK in government agencies and arm’s length bodies (ALBs).

The end of the beginning for GOV.UK

A new team has recently been formed within Government Digital Service, with a focus to get GOV.UK ready for the thousands of specialists who will soon start to use it. Neil Williams, who is leading the team, explains all. Essential reading for those leading the transition in government agencies!

Clarity is king

Mike Morris at the Department of Health wrote a really great post about plain English and the need for us to rethink the way we write.

Quality detailed guides

GDS content designers Louise Stone and Liz Hitchcock wrote about how to write effective detailed guides and when and how to use them.

Selecting and creating the best images

If you want to know how to get the perfect organisational landing page image, have a read so you know what works best.

How to get a GOV.UK blog

If you’ve thought about creating a blog for your agency or organisation, then read what you need to do to get one when you’re on GOV.UK.

Get ready for launch

Some agencies are getting ready to launch on GOV.UK, now they are building their content. Read more about one of the final steps in the transition process - redirection.

GDS’s view on frequently asked questions (FAQs)

There are good reasons why we don’t have FAQs on GOV.UK - read Sarah Richards’ take on them.

Ongoing support from GDS

If you’re having problems with Publisher, or feel it needs to do something differently, then read how to Use the GDS support form (Zendesk). Some agencies will want to understand how GDS content design colleagues undertake spot checks of your work once you’re in ‘business as usual’. Have a read about what ‘quality’ on GOV.UK looks like.

Sprint GO - slides and film

January 30 2014 saw us hold SPRINT GO, an event for agencies and ALBs transitioning to GOV.UK. If you missed the event, have a read of the slide presentations or watch the film about it.

Focussing on specialist needs

There’s been a massive focus on user needs and user research in the last few months and that work will only intensify. Cath Richardson provided an overview about how we’ll do that in the months ahead.

Keeping GOV.UK accessible on mobile devices

Some agencies have asked about the work we do to ensure GOV.UK is accessible on mobile devices.

Security, usability - or both?

If you have ever wondered why conversations about the balance between security and usability with IT and information assurance colleagues are often spirited then read what our director of technical architecture has to say about it.

Changes to the way official documents are published

In the last few weeks some changes have been made to the way official documents have been published. They could affect you so have a read about what’s happened.

Unpublishing, deleting and archiving GOV.UK content

 Read the advice of content designers Alan Maddrell and Natalie Shaw write about how and when to remove and retire content.

Campaign pages

If you are responsible for a government campaign, then you’ll want to know what qualifies as a campaign on GOV.UK and how to maintain such content.

Mark Hazelby
GOV.UK Transition Communications Lead


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