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How to contact GDS in an emergency

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We’ve recently updated our list of emergency contact numbers for the GOV.UK team at the Government Digital Service (GDS), and have changed where we publish it.

What we consider an emergency

Our blogpost and guidelines on contacting GDS give full details on what we consider to be an emergency. Basically, it’s any situation in which either:

  • content on GOV.UK needs to be changed because the public or government is facing immediate and significant financial, legal or physical risk
  • problems with GOV.UK’s publishing tools mean that government organisations are unable to publish time-critical information onto the site

How to reach us if it’s urgent

The best way to alert us to an emergency or extremely urgent situation is by phone.

We maintain 24/7 coverage for national emergencies, and also have content designers on hand to make urgent changes to services and information (‘mainstream’) content out of hours.

We now publish the list of phone numbers online in 2 places:

These both supersede the previous list, which was held on GCN.

We’ll also circulate details to organisational GOV.UK leads via email.

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