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Introducing GOV.UK proposition managers

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Last year, colleagues across government did some great work on the GOV.UK proposition. Now 3 proposition managers are in place to continue this work, as well as help publishers get the most from GOV.UK.


What proposition managers do

As the name suggests, one of our main functions is to help the GOV.UK proposition evolve. We’re here to give consistent advice about what’s in and out of scope, as well as look at specific areas of the proposition where we need more clarity, such as campaigns (more on that below).

There’s lots of other stuff we can help you with as well. Here’s a quick run-through...

Developing new services

If you’re building a new service or digital product, we can help work out its relationship to GOV.UK. This includes looking at issues around proposition and user journeys, as well as guiding you through the approvals processes and standards you’ll need to follow. We’ll also introduce you to relevant GDS teams and help set you up on the domain when you pass your beta assessment.

Making product recommendations

Let us know what matters to you, and which needs GOV.UK could do a better job of meeting. This will help us understand common themes and make recommendations to product teams about where we need to go next. We’ll also be developing new standards to give clarity on particular processes and products.

Helping GOV.UK respond as one

If you have an unusual request or you’re not sure who to talk to about something, drop us a line. We’re here to help GOV.UK respond to requests that span many teams or have no clear existing owner - a great example of this is the forthcoming general election.

It’s worth saying that we’re not an alternative escalation route - for example, proposition issues relating to content are still dealt with by the content team. Rather, we’re here to advise on how new things fit with GOV.UK. 

What’s on the agenda now?

At the moment, we’re focusing on 3 particular areas:

  • the election - readying GOV.UK to meet users’ needs around the 2015 election
  • campaigns - working with departments and agencies to understand where we need to go next
  • the service domain - helping people to use it consistently and developing new standards

Who we are

We are Graham Francis, Tom Scott and Amy Khan. We each look after different themes, departments and agencies - here they are:

Graham - tax, education and skills, health, local government and communities, devolved administrations, cross-government issues (Cabinet Office & No10)

Tom - crime and justice, transport and travel, environment and climate, energy, immigration, culture

Amy - business, employment, benefits, world affairs, defence

Your first port of call should always be your organisation’s SPOC (single point of contact). Once you’ve chatted with them, feel free to get in touch with us individually or via our shared mailbox:

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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