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Embedding contact information into pages

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Inserting contacts into pages just got lots easier.

Instead of going to the organisation admin and copying the contact reference markdown to your clipboard, you can now just start typing and then pick the relevant contact from a list.

Here’s how to use it.

1. While editing any field that supports markdown, begin typing the markdown command to insert a contact, like this:


2. A dialogue box will appear, listing a few contacts, like this:


3. Continue typing to filter the entire database of organisation contacts and bring up relevant matches. For example, if you type “defra”, it will show all the contacts belonging to Defra:

It will also return matches for the title of the contact itself, for example here is what happens if you type “FOI”:

4. Click on the contact you want to insert, and your markdown command will be automatically completed using the relevant contact reference number:

5. Finally, it’s a good idea to click the “preview” toggle to double-check it’s the contact you wanted.

This is the first step towards making the markdown editor smarter. We intend over time to extend this kind of functionality to make it easier to insert attachments, images and internal links into pages.

Feedback on how you get on using this is extremely welcome before we roll it out further.

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