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New "specialist sector" option in publisher

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You may have noticed a new field in the publisher called "Specialist sectors".

This relates to work we have recently begun to create browse pages for specialist user needs. The idea is that, in future, content in any format from across GOV.UK will be able to be grouped together around specialist topics. These specialist or "sector" browse pages will replace "detailed guide categories".

We're rolling this out in a limited way and testing the approach as we go. For now, it's only intended for use by DECC and UKVI - which is why only a limited set of sectors are listed. We will evolve the list to cover more organisations in the coming weeks and months.

If you're not one of the organisations we're in touch with directly about this work, you can ignore the field for now. But we thought we'd better explain what it was.

We'll share more about what we're working on for specialist user needs in subsequent blog posts.

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1 comment

  1. Comment by E.A. Brown posted on

    Thanks for bringing us up to date on this field.

    Can you expand on this field: how are the specialist topics different from the more general existing topics? Why not add these newer specialist topics to the existing ones, as subsets?

    Wouldn't the oil extraction topics fit under 'energy' (or climate change)? And the visas and immigration guidance fit under Visas and immigration topic you already have?

    OR if you need the list of topics to stay 'flat' just list them all at the same level?

    Also: who gets the final word on the specialist topic names - GDS or the department bringing you the user needs?