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Tracking a ticket in Pivotal

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We’re in the habit of sharing links to tickets in our public Pivotal Tracker project to let people see how we’ve translated their request into a user story, and so they can track where it is in the backlog.

Pivotal’s interface is not exactly intuitive, so here’s a quick tip on how to see where the story is in the queue.

When you click the link to a ticket, you’ll get a full screen view like this:

To see where the ticket is in relation to all the others, look in the top right corner and click the diagonal arrow circled here:

This will minimise the ticket but keep it open so you can see where it is, like this (you might have to scroll to find it):

Stories in green are done. They show in the ‘Backlog’ and ‘Done’ lists.

Stories in yellow are being worked on currently. They show in the ‘Current’ list.

Stories in grey are queued to be worked on next/soon. They show in the ‘Current’ list (this sprint) and ‘Backlog’ list (next few sprints). The team works through them in order.

Stories in blue are pending. They show in the ‘Icebox’ list. I’ve grouped them into approximate priority groups (P1 = high, P3 = low), but they are not necessarily prioritised within those groupings. You’re welcome to raise a support request via if you want to dispute the priority of a story you care about, but please do take a look at all the other tickets above it so you have a sense of the relative priorities overall.

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