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Sprint ending 25th June

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Despite the best of intentions, we didn’t make as much progress on the transition tool last week aswe hoped. Overspill from the previous sprint plus a couple of urgent things that came up during the week pushed the transition tool work down the list.

So the dominant theme for this week’s sprint is, once again, transition tooling, plus there are a handful of stories we need to deliver to support HM Treasury’s use of the topical events format for the coming spending round.

You can see all the stories we’ve prioritised for this sprint listed in the Backlog column on Pivotal Tracker.

During the sprint that’s just ended we also:

  • Fixed all links from detailed guides that still had /specialist-guides/ in their URL
  • Enabled agencies and NDPBs to have organisation profiles for their high profile units  (aka “sub-orgs”). Previously the system only allowed these to be associated to a parent ministerial department.
  • Added opening hours and access details to the API for worldwide offices’ contact information. This API is used to surface the embassy and consular contact details from Inside Gov on other parts of GOV.UK, like the travel alerts service. Knowing when the office is open is usually helpful to people before they rock up there.
  • Cleaned up a handful of dodgy URLs that had typos or bad slugs in response to requests from departments. Currently there’s a long wait for any such requests, for which we’re sorry. Longer term we hope to provide self-service tools for this so we are not a bottleneck.

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