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What we're working on

The findings of our first generative AI experiment: GOV.UK Chat

A screenshot of the experimental GOV.UK Chat system. A user has typed in a question and the system is generating a response. The question reads “As a small business, do I need to charge VAT to people in Italy when I sell a service online?”

GOV.UK has run its first generative AI experiment to see how a Large Language Model (LLM) would work using GOV.UK content. Here are our early findings.

Updating GOV.UK when there is a machinery of government change

Three cogs of varying colours with individual icons in the middle of each cog. From left to right the icons are, a lightbulb, a power button and a briefcase.

You might’ve spotted a change in the number of government departments. Here’s how we supported this change, updated GOV.UK to reflect it and what we learned from doing so.

Helping people understand cladding and building safety costs

2 women working at a desk writing on post-its

GDS and DLUHC worked together to develop a smart answer to help users find out how much they might have to pay to remove cladding, or make their building safe.