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User insights

The findings of our first generative AI experiment: GOV.UK Chat

A screenshot of the experimental GOV.UK Chat system. A user has typed in a question and the system is generating a response. The question reads “As a small business, do I need to charge VAT to people in Italy when I sell a service online?”

GOV.UK has run its first generative AI experiment to see how a Large Language Model (LLM) would work using GOV.UK content. Here are our early findings.

Responding to the changing user needs of the COVID-19 landing page

A woman sitting at a table with a laptop. On the laptop screen is the GOV.UK coronavirus page.

As the subject of over 100,000 Google searches a month, we know people are still looking to GOV.UK for information on coronavirus. So when we discovered the page was not meeting changing user needs, we made some improvements.

How we ran a discovery for GOV.UK publishing permissions

A picture of the authors using a whiteboard to lead a workshop

We’re always looking to improve GOV.UK for users, including government publishers. Here is how we identified some of the next improvements to the publishing experience.