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This sprint for previewing CSVs and Worldwide surveys

Here are some of the most significant things we're working on in the government section of GOV.UK this sprint:

  • Adding footnotes to detailed guides and HTML publications
  • Creating a preview to allow users to see the contents of a CSV file before they download it
  • Improving translated publications so that toggling to a different language changes the attachments, not just the publication page
  • Starting user research on the Worldwide pages by adding a survey to 3 world locations
  • Paying down some tech debt
  • Designing how our email alerts should look

On the content side, some of the things we’ll focus on this sprint are:

  • eating our own dogfood: moving the government digital strategy to GOV.UK
  • a consistent way of presenting departmental business plans across the site (we’ll blog about this shortly)
  • finalising and sending out the first handful of Round 2 spot checks to departments

We’ll demo where we’ve got to on all this and more besides at the show and tell on Monday 25th November at 3.30pm. Representatives from orgs who are live on GOV.UK are extremely welcome, please comment on this post or email me if you want to come.

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