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Corporate pages now have workflow

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The information in this blogpost may now be out of date. See the current GOV.UK content and publishing guidance.

We've introduced publishing workflow to corporate information pages, for example, 'working for...', 'procurement at...' and 'media enquiries'. Previously, any changes you made to these pages would go live immediately.

If you click on the 'corporate information' tab at the top of the publishing tool you'll see which formats now have a workflow.

Corporate information page in the publishing tool

Check yourself

This means you can make changes to those pages without them going live straight away. More importantly you can now use the publishing tool to help you get any changes checked by another editor before you publish.

We've done this to allow departments and agencies to have better visibility and control over this important content.

This is how we do it

It works in exactly the same way as other document types:

Create a new edition button in the publishing toolJust create a new draft of your published document, send it to 'submitted', get it checked by someone else and publish it. You can leave notes, reject drafts, see who made which changes and all the usual stuff. After it's published you can find it in the 'documents' tab, as you would find publications and detailed guides.

Big but...

There's currently a bug which means you can't unpublish or archive these pages. We're working on fixing that very soon. If you need to unpublish or archive anything in the meantime, raise a Zendesk ticket.

Coming up

In a future release, we'll be adding a new corporate information page called "what we do", which will add workflow to the "about us" information.

As ever, let us know what you think in the comments or through Zendesk.

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  1. Comment by Sheurie Warner posted on

    This is good news. Please can we also have this facility for groups, topical events and organisations. This would be very useful editorially and save an awful lot of time in creating mock-ups for new and transitioning content.

    • Replies to Sheurie Warner>

      Comment by Lisa Scott posted on

      Hello Sheurie
      Glad you will find it useful. Yes, we plan to add workflow to formats that don't currently have it. It's a complex feature to build so it won't happen immediately, but we know how much you all need it.

  2. Comment by John Ploughman posted on

    Great news.

    As these pages are now editionable, does that mean that they can also be featured on organisation homepages? If so, is there any guidance on when it is and isn't appropriate to feature a corporate information page, eg featuring 'Working for X' during a recruitment campaign etc

    • Replies to John Ploughman>

      Comment by Lisa Scott posted on

      Hello John
      Technically yes: you can feature several types of content on the organisation homepage. Style-wise, the Content Team are best placed to respond.

    • Replies to John Ploughman>

      Comment by Louise Stone posted on

      Hi John,

      As ever, this should be based on user need. I think your example of featuring 'Working for X' during a recruitment campaign, is a good one. If users will be actively seeking out this information - as they probably would during a recruitment drive - then featuring it on your homepage makes sense. There's probably less of an argument for featuring something like the publication scheme or the complaints procedure.