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Changes in ministerial responsibility: coordinating GOV.UK publishing

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The information in this blogpost may now be out of date. See the current GOV.UK content and publishing guidance.

Every now and then, changes need to be made to the list of government ministers on GOV.UK to reflect new appointments. As this page is used by the media and public as a primary source of information, it’s critically important that these details are as accurate as possible at all times.

This blogpost contains practical guidance about who should make changes to GOV.UK ministerial roles, and when.

1. Get the go-ahead from No10 Digital Comms team before making any changes

The Number 10 digital comms team are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of ministerial information on GOV.UK.

When any changes of responsibility are announced, the Number 10 digital comms team will contact GDS and the digital teams in affected departments to confirm details of changes, and to agree responsibilities for publishing updated information.

No changes should be made without their consent. (Use GDS's emergency contact details if you need to be put in touch with the right person.)

2. Follow our publishing guidelines

First of all, read the GOV.UK publishing manual's guidance on creating roles.

Content changes are usually made by the digital team in the department that a post-holder is coming in to. (On occasion, changes may be made by the No10 digital comms team).

Note in particular:

  • Create a new role if the title or responsibilities of a new appointment differ from that of previous role-holders
  • Create a callout box to caveat role descriptions if the responsibilities of a new role are not yet clear (eg, noting that the responsibilities of the role are subject to review)
  • Edit the description of all ‘closed’ roles (eg, roles into which no one has been directly appointed) to signpost where responsibility for the areas in question has been allocated

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