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Content for services: consultations and workshops

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GDS content designers can help you if you’re building a service for GOV.UK. We’re offering our help in 2 ways:

  • monthly workshops on content for services
  • 1 to 2 hour individual consultations to talk about the content for your service

This is our alpha service - we want to get feedback from those who attend over the summer. We’ll evaluate it in September and make a decision on whether to continue or change the service.

Monthly workshops

Every month we’ll hold a 2 hour workshop. At this workshop there will be 2 content designers who will go through things like:

  • why content is important for your service
  • what good content looks like
  • an introduction to the style guide
  • how your service will be linked to and where it fits in with other content
  • getting start and done pages
  • support and downtime after your service is live
  • analytics help

You’ll also be able to ask any questions you may have about content and working your way through the service assessment process.

We think the best people to come to these workshops are:

  • service managers
  • digital transformation managers
  • anyone who will manage content and design on the service

You should come to a workshop:

  • before your alpha service assessment
  • before your beta service assessment if you couldn’t make it earlier
  • as soon as you’ve got an idea of what your service might be like (especially if you’re self assessing)

The first workshop is from 2 to 4pm on July 30. It’s limited to 20 people only and you need to book a space.  The next one will be in August.



Consultations can only be booked if someone working on your service has already been to a workshop. However, we can be flexible if your service assessment or self assessment is before the first workshop.

At an individual consultation you’ll have a content designer help you with:

  • the content and user journey of your service
  • the service manual where you’ll be assessed on content
  • anything you’re struggling with when it comes to content
  • being plain English focussed
  • any questions you have

We think the people who should come to this consultation are those who will be responsible for the service and updating the content.

You should ask for a consultation:

  • after someone from your service attended a workshop
  • at any point in the service development development, but preferably between the alpha and the assessment for the beta
  • close enough to your self assessment date but in time to make any changes

You can request a consultation through content requests. You may need to find out your single point of contact for your agency or department if you don’t have access to support already.

A content designer will get in touch with you to set up the appointment. You’ll have to come into Aviation House if you’re outside London but there is some scope for visiting your office if you’re inside London.

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