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Linking to external publications: now clearer and more flexible

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We’ve made it easier to link to publications hosted outside GOV.UK in a way which is clear and useful for users.

When you use the publication format you have 3 options:

  • upload a file
  • create an HTML attachment
  • indicate the publication is held on another website and add an external link

Previously, external links were always displayed below other attachments, which could lead to confusion for users. They also automatically used the title of the publication as the link text, which might not always be helpful for users.

In the example below, the first attachment is a PDF with some information about filling in the form. The link to the form itself is the second link (an external one). This isn't great for users but there was no way of moving it above the other attachment.

Here's what these pages used to look like:


Here’s what it looks like for the user now:


Adding external links now works a little differently. The “this publication is held on another website” checkbox has been removed from the editing screen. You can add external publications in the same way as other attachments in the 'attachments' tab.


To find out more, check the guidance for publishers to GOV.UK.

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  1. Comment by E. Brown posted on

    HI Daniel,

    This change looks terrific, thank you.