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Keeping track of your content

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Content designers across government asked for a way to download lists of documents from Whitehall to help them audit their content on GOV.UK. Some departments needed to tidy up content that was migrated during transition, and others need to look at a specific type of content, such as news, to decide what to archive.

To meet this need, we built a CSV exporter, so that content designers can export the results of filtered searches in Whitehall.

How to export a list of content

Always check our guidance on How to publish on GOV.UK for up-to-date information on exporting CSVs.

In Whitehall, search for the content you’re interested in. At the bottom of the search results, there’s a new link ‘Export as CSV’ - click this and confirm:

export as csv

You’ll receive an email with the CSV attached. We’ve chosen to do this by email as creating and sending these files within Whitehall would slow it down. Sending the files by email allows us to manage demand.

The CSV files contain:

  • public and admin URLs
  • title
  • lead organisation
  • supporting organisation
  • first published date
  • first published on GOV.UK date
  • which editor published the document
  • when the document was last updated
  • content type and sub-type
  • state (draft, submitted, scheduled, published, force published etc)
  • attachments
  • policies
  • specialist sectors
  • collections

We hope you find this useful - do let us know if you have any comments.

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  1. Comment by Andrew Robertson posted on

    This should be a really useful tool, thank you. I like the fact that you can use all the filters, including key words to filter the list. Quick to get by email, too.
    Having a 'best before' (review due) date to ensure all content is periodically checked/updated and being able to report on that would be useful addition.
    A way to include web hits/use might also be useful in the report, if possible.

  2. Comment by Jeni Pitkin posted on

    Great. Just tested this - email didn't take too long to come through.

    It's should be very useful.


  3. Comment by E. Brown posted on

    Hi Alex,

    This looks like a hugely promising tool for keeping on top of pubs.

    Thank you.