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Possible new categories for this blog

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We’re planning to update the categories that Inside GOV.UK blog entries can be tagged to. We have 30 categories right now - some of which are duplicates (eg 'search' and 'search & navigation') or too vague (eg 'GOV.UK').

We’ve looked at what we publish and think these new categories cover everything:

  • how we work
  • working with us
  • best practice
  • events
  • product changes
    • roadmap updates
  • user insights
  • transition

Tell us how you use filtering

Dear readers, the only information we’re missing is what you’re looking for when you read this blog.

Please leave a comment if you:

  • filter by category now
  • would filter by category if we implemented the categories above
  • are only interested in the work of a specific discipline or product team

Is there anything else we should know about how you read Inside GOV.UK?

Many thanks for your help with this!


Featured image by ekai on Flickr. Used under Creative Commons.

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  1. Comment by A Robertson posted on

    I get daily email alerts, so keep up to date that way. I would also search by key word. The only time I would use the tags is where I am trying to show other people the work going on to improve GOV.UK. For example, I would use the roadmap tag to link to all the progress updates.

    Search and browse is a constant talking point. It might be worth having a separate section to cover access.

    Also, clarity on what "us" and "we" are in the suggested tags. If you never have guest posts, then it should be clear you always mean GDS.

  2. Comment by Jeni Pitkin posted on

    I echo the above comment. I never use the tags and always search when I'm looking for something in particular, usually something I've read when it was first published and I want to refer back to it.

  3. Comment by Lesley Twitchen posted on

    I search first, often I can remeber the content but not the title and want to refer back to it. Search rarely works as the title's primary use is designed to be snappy and eye catching rather then SEO. Try searching for Verfy blogs - you get Clock changes and emergency publishing - nothing about Verify service. Then I would try categories and keep my fingers crossed. So anything you can do to make finding past blogs easy other than lists of bookmarks would be great.

    Yor suggested catergories - I don't know what 'working with us' would contain, or 'how we work'. Product changes looks good, user insights, roadmap, all self explanatory becasue they are specific themes. Hope this helps.

  4. Comment by Ross Ferguson posted on

    Fewer categories sounds helpful. There are currently too many to be useful.

    Those that you'very suggested look good. However, I think 'product changes' is too broad for such a large product, and the roadmap updates are too important to be nested.

  5. Comment by Dave posted on

    Can you point me to where you have the design manual for implementing the "share this page" element above? I can't seem to locate it in the service manual or heroku elements.