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Two helpful new features for publishers

Faster documents filter in publisher

Editors often tell us that the slow and confusing documents filter is the worst bit of the departments and policy publisher. So we've made it quicker. We've also redesigned it so that you can select multiple filters at a time without having to wait for the first one to load, as you did before.

Find any GOV.UK page in admin

We've made a bookmarklet that allows you to go directly from any page on GOV.UK to its editing page in publisher.

To use it:

1. On your dashboard in publisher, click on the 'Find in admin bookmarklet' link under the support heading.

Bookmarklet on publisher dashboard
Bookmarklet on publisher dashboard

2. Drag the 'Find in admin' button to your bookmarks bar (unless you are using Internet Explorer, in which case follow the custom instructions).

3. Visit a front-end page on GOV.UK, e.g.

4. Click 'Find in admin' on your bookmarks bar to go to the corresponding admin page.

Happy 2014, editors.

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  1. Comment by Liz posted on

    This is good news but possibly explains my Zendesk ticket raised earlier today - the document filter on the Featured Documents function has broken.

    • Replies to Liz>

      Comment by Alice Newton posted on

      Thanks for alerting us to that Liz, we're working to fix it now.

      • Replies to Alice Newton>

        Comment by Liz posted on

        Thank you - and we absolutely love the Find in admin function!

  2. Comment by Amy Khan posted on

    Ooh we love it! Thanks guys.

  3. Comment by Maxine posted on

    Much better! It's these kind of improvements that make all the difference.

  4. Comment by E.A. Brown posted on

    Hi Alice - these look like great feature ideas, but the filter in 'featured documents' does not work. Or rather, you get the filter result, but not on the 'featured documents tab'. So there is *no* working filter on the 'featured documents' tab at all.

    As a result, I cannot find any publications by my own agency that are more than half a day old, because they're lost in the wash of everyone else's recent GOV.UK's pubs.

    Do you have an option to roll back to the previous Publisher version?

    Is there anything users can do to help you with feature testing?

    • Replies to E.A. Brown>

      Comment by Alice Newton posted on

      Hi Elizabeth, we've now fixed the featured documents filter and that will be deployed on Monday morning. In the meantime you can always browse to the documents you want to feature, rather than search.

      The most useful thing you can do for us is to only submit bug reports once, as this helps us prioritise your messages.

      • Replies to Alice Newton>

        Comment by E. Brown posted on

        Hi Alice,

        Thanks for getting back to me.

        I didn't submit a bug report this time - must have been someone else, vexed that the tool they use to do their daily work wasn't working.

        When your software changes directly affect users' ability to do their job in a timely and efficient manner, users will let you know.

        The number of bug reports could reflect the users' need for response - just like search terms in reflect user needs on GOV.UK. Can you use googlestats to parse your bug reports to help with prioritising maybe? If deciding priorities is proving an issue.

        I'm glad to hear there will be a fix in place within a few days.


  5. Comment by Martin posted on

    Totally agree with Maxine. The Find in Admin function is brilliant.

  6. Comment by Ricky posted on

    Me too - that is cleverness-digitized!

  7. Comment by Rosemary posted on

    This is really useful. It doesn't like collection pages though - I tried to use it to find an admin page of a collection (with two organisations) but it didn't work.

    • Replies to Rosemary>

      Comment by Alice Newton posted on

      Thanks for letting us know - we'll fix that next time we work on it.

  8. Comment by Dave Hallworth posted on

    Hi Alice, only just found time to read this but installed and already used and appreciated this very handy function.
    Do you know if it works in all versions of IE? and if not, which ones?