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What's new and what's coming up: GOV.UK weeknotes (18 March)

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A summary of the changes we've made to GOV.UK site since early March, and what we’ll be up to in the next week or so.

What's new and noteworthy

Over the last couple of weeks, stuff we’ve done includes:

  • released new listings pages for publication updates
  • lots of development work on a calendar of upcoming statistical publications (so GOV.UK can replace the existing UK Statistics Publication Hub)
  • creating clearer ‘closed’ pages for organisations, to support the launch of the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency on 1 April
  • making it possible to feature document collections on topical event pages
  • moving MOJ digital and Viv Bennett (DH) to the GOV.UK blogging platform
  • making it possible for publishers to add translations for case studies
  • creating a broken link report for departments & policy content
  • continued work on the second round of content quality spotchecks
  • worked on the quarterly digital strategy update

We’ve also removed the requirement to add a user need in our publishing system when you create a new detailed guide. Those needs were sitting in isolation, and were not populating Maslow. We've got a separate piece of work planned to allow you to link detailed guides with an existing, validated user need.

What’s coming up

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be:

  • building our first “finder” to coincide with the official launch of the Competition and Markets Authority, to will help specialist users find relevant cases
  • delivering GOV.UK’s first Budget coverage (find publishing instructions here)
  • making important changes to contact information for people applying for passports overseas
  • creating a new pension entitlement calculator
  • continuing work on the calendar of statistics announcements
  • welcoming DfID’s amazing blog to the GOV.UK blogging platform
  • remodelling publication types (see Alice’s blogpost)
  • making it possible to schedule advanced publishing for ‘services and information’ content
  • making it possible to add more prominent ‘notes to authors’ within the content system
  • enabling full translation support for attachments
  • hosting the second content clinic for departmental and agency editors

Find out more

We’re trying to work as openly as possible.  We’re still trying out different approaches to this, but you might want to look at:

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  1. Comment by Pete Valente posted on

    We’ve also removed the requirement to add a user need in our publishing system when you create a new detailed guide.

    This seems to disrupt a fundamental principle of GOV.UK regarding material not being published if there were no established user need - have I missed something?

    • Replies to Pete Valente>

      Comment by Graham Francis posted on

      Hi Pete - thanks for this, good point. Nope, we still need there to be a user need. This is more to do with how we're collecting the info about these needs - rather than collect them in a non-integrated bit of the publisher system, as we had been doing, we want to put into about needs for detailed guides in the same place we put info about needs for other types of content.

  2. Comment by Alan posted on

    The 'calendar of upcoming statistical publications' work seems to have disappeared from subsequent 'what's new and upcoming' blog posts.

    • Replies to Alan>

      Comment by Graham Francis posted on

      Hi- sorry, that was omitted in error - it's still very much part of our current work.