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What we’ve done, and what’s coming up: GOV.UK team weeknotes (3 March)

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An experimental blogpost, in which we see whether you’re interested in us telling you what GOV.UK teams have done in the last two weeks, and what we’ll be working on in the next two weeks. (This post covers User Formats and Publisher teams, but future versions will cover Specialist team too).

What we’ve been up to

In the past two weeks, stuff we’ve done includes:

  • The UK Visa smart answer
    The UK Visa smart answer

    launched a new smart answer as part of the UK Visas and Immigration move to GOV.UK - which will help people visiting the UK from abroad work out whether they need a visa

  • moved FCO services (like foreign marriage certificates) to a domain owned by FCO, where they can more closely manage service delivery

  • set up ways for users to subscribe to email updates on people, roles and worldwide locations (so now you can subscribe to all announcements by David Cameron, the Foreign Secretary or about Azerbaijan)

  • designed some new travel advice maps for worldwide pages

  • made it easier to view needs, filter organisations and export data from our ‘user needs’ tool, Maslow

  • analysed use of worldwide pages

  • stopped topic pages timing out when you try to 'feature' items from a long list

  • made the ‘related post’ navigation on GOV.UK blogs much nicer

What’s coming up

In the next couple of weeks, we’ll be:

  • A mockup of the statistics release calendar on GOV.UK
    A mockup of the statistics release calendar on GOV.UK

    doing a lot of work on statistics - in particular, making it possible for users to get a list of upcoming statistical publications (so GOV.UK can replace the existing UK Statistics Publication Hub)

  • tidying up the way we ‘close’ organisations, so that they clearly signpost their successor bodies (in advance of the DSA/VOSA move to DVSA)

  • for publishers, making it possible to sort groups within document collections, and to tag collections to topical events

  • looking at how to add workflow or audit trail to corporate pages

  • running a report on broken links in Depts & Policy

Want to know more?

We’re trying to work as openly as possible.  We’re still trying out different approaches to this, but you might want to look at:

We're also keen to get any feedback on the format and content of this blogpost - is it useful?

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  1. Comment by Nathan Wall posted on

    I think this is a great way to keep people informed about what's coming up. We're not directly involved but we're watching from afar, and it's good to see that you're still tackling the very same sorts of issues that we are.

    I say keep the 2 week roundup posts coming!

  2. Comment by Julie Clarke posted on

    Yes - very informative and useful.


  3. Comment by Caroline Pead posted on

    I agree with Nathan, this is useful and interesting.

  4. Comment by Andrew Robertson posted on

    Yes, really useful. Keep update blog posts going please!