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GOV.UK weeknotes (21 July)

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Our summary of what the GOV.UK product teams have been up to recently, and what to look out for next.

Things we’ve done recently

In the past few weeks, we’ve:

  • successfully covered the ministerial reshuffle
  • finalised our redesign of cross-site browse and navigation
  • published the GDS business plan (it’s a fine-looking HTML document)
  • made printing of guides more user-friendly, in response to user feedback
  • prototyped  a better index page for embassies, consulates and high commissions
  • removed logos from the landing pages of organisations which are exempt from GOV.UK
  • become able to measure how far users scroll down GOV.UK pages
  • built a finder for the Air Accident Investigation Branch
  • built a broken link checker into Whitehall Publisher
  • started lab-based user research into how people use Whitehall Publisher

Things we’re going to do in the next couple of weeks

  • release and evaluate the new version of mainstream browse
  • migrate the ONS statistics release calendar over to GOV.UK
  • start build work on  a better index page for embassies, consulates and high commissions
  • continue work on the shared parental leave guides
  • Build a finder for international development funding to replace their existing detailed guide category
  • automate a broken link report for Departments and Policy content

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