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Content and publishing guidance: what changed during March 2016

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This is a summary of what's changed in the content and publishing guidance over the last month. It's to help everyone stay up to date and understand why we've made changes.

How to publish on GOV.UK

We've made changes to the guidance for government editors and publishers about how to create and edit documents.

We have:

Style guide

We added 2 terms to the style guide:

  • log book
  • sat nav

These weren't in the style guide before, so content designers would refer to the Guardian style guide for them. This has both terms as single words (logbook and satnav).

However, search data shows most users search for them as 2 words. So we've added them to our style guide based on that.

Help us to make the guidance useful

Get in touch with us if you think that there's something that needs to be made clearer in the content and publishing guidance.

Let us know in the comments if you find this useful - if you do we'll try to make it a regular thing.

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