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Nice example of an HTML publication

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Anyone looking for a new 'go to example' of an HTML publication should check out DVLA's new business plan.

We reckon it uses the features well and is pretty good at showing the range of what you can do with the format.

'Improving publications' is the theme of our current sprint and this will bring a number of improvements to HTML publications, which we are sure you'll appreciate. You can review the HTML publication stories on our Pivotal Tracker.


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  1. Comment by mw posted on

    Nice format, not so sure about the content. Could be even better if the banned words list was taken seriously [] and if the information in some of the images was more accessible.

  2. Comment by John Turnbull posted on

    Very nicely done. Just one quibble: several of the graphics contain data that isn't (as far as I can see) reproduced in the HTML, so they're not accessible to screen readers.

    It would be great to get some guidance/best practice examples to help us all address this. (I can't see anything in the GDS style guide, but apologies if this already exists somewhere.)

  3. Comment by Andrew Robertson posted on

    What are the options for printing easily? We still have customers who are likley to want a paper copy to annotate. By going to 'print preview' in my brower, a printable version is visible although the contents in the blue box on the html page is not there.
    Are there options to make it printer-friendly, like the 'print this entire guide' feature that is on some htm detailed guidance pages?
    Are there options that the text from the html can automatically export to a PDF so people can print or save locally if they need it? I suspect there is going to be a culture change in relying on 'documents'.
    Also, I see that this document is available also in a PDF. So why have both PDF and html? Is that an interim measure or double work? Is there a user need? When should something be a PDF and when a html page?

  4. Comment by Neil Williams posted on

    Hi Andrew

    All great questions.

    We have plans to make the print CSS better, and to auto-generate PDFs from the HTML publication source, and at that point we would expect departments to cease producing PDFs separately.

    User stories for these things are on our public development queue here:

    We'll get to them as soon as we are able.


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      Comment by Andrew Robertson posted on

      Hi Neil. Thanks, that sounds quite an exciting development. I can't open the links you provided, as it asks me to sign in. Do I need to request a password? I have touble viewing Pivotal Tracker on our IT most of the time so could be related to that? Thanks