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Sprint plan for 3rd-17th September

Here are some of the biggest things we're working on in the GOV.UK government team this sprint:

  • Allow multiple HTML documents on one publication: before now, HTML documents behaved differently from other attachments on a publication page. You couldn't order them, or have more than one on a given publication. But we want HTML documents to be an attractive alternative to PDFs, so we're giving them these new features.
  • Filter publications list to show only Command or Act papers: we're about to import over all the Official Documents from this site. Some advanced users of government publications who used the old site, like House of Commons Librarians, need to be able to see only Command Papers or Act Papers.
  • Save and add change notes from any document editing page: building on our recent publisher improvements, we are going to allow you to save a document from any editing page, instead of the current situation in which you have to go back to the main tab and scroll to the bottom.
  • Allow organisations with unique logos to show these logos on their homepage
  • Design browse route to find document series from organisation and topic pages: now that document series are much more flexible and useful, we  want them to be surfaced on both organisation and topic pages. We're going to do some design work to determine what this will look like.
  • Look at the analytics to explore how people are using topics pages: topic pages give people a way in to content about what the government is doing by theme, e.g. employment, rather than having to go separately to the organisations that work on these topics. We want to see how people are using topics now, and how we can improve them so that they meet this user need better.

As ever, you can see all the stories on our Pivotal Tracker.

Show and tell

We'll demonstrate the more significant changes from the sprint at our show and tell on Tuesday 17th September at 10am. We really like having editors at these so comment below or email Neil if you want to come along for this one.

Sharing and comments

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  1. Comment by Alan posted on

    Congratulation on providing a HTML document preview. I feel the confidence of the content providers rising as they can see what they're getting before publication.

    A less welcome change is the automatic numbering attached to the third level heading. As it now aggregates throughout the document, the latest 'Immigration statistics' end with heading 16.136.

    Am I correct to presume this is unintended?

    • Replies to Alan>

      Comment by Alice Newton posted on

      Glad you like the HTML document preview!

      Thanks for pointing out the numbering issue - that is an unintended side-effect of a new feature which allows manual numbering of headings, since lots of editors want to be able to choose their own numbers and where they appear. We'll correct the error - you can see progress on pivotal tracker:

  2. Comment by Owen Branley posted on

    I would like to see progress reports on HTML5 + DRM bundling issue as proposed by w3c + Netflix and as reported by the Free Software Foundation (fsf). Browser lockout could be a problem? I thought the EU outlawed this Explorer bundling constraint. This now looks like a double whammy?