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GOV.UK weeknotes (1 May)

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Our bi-weekly summary of what we’ve done recently to develop GOV.UK, and what’s coming up.

What we’ve done

In the past couple of weeks, we’ve:

  • launched a tool which lets specialists filter Competition and Markets Authority cases
  • improved specialist browse - adding editable tags which, when attached to a content item, will create a browse page
  • begun work on “Publishing 2.0”: a project to re-architecture all GOV.UK publishing tools, with the eventual goal of having a single publishing pipeline for all content (more to come on this…)
  • made it possible for publishers to associate an item of content to more than one user need
  • included consultations in the official documents filter
  • allowed detailed guides to be tagged to policies
  • done lots of work to update ‘smart answers’
  • adopted new standards for the use of logos
  • fixed lots of bugs

You may (or equally, may not) also be interested to know that we’ve divided the ‘specialist’ area of work between two separate teams. One will work on ways to improve search and navigation across GOV.UK, and the other will address product gaps for transitioning organisations.

What’s coming up

In the next couple of weeks, we’ll:

  • be announcing bank holidays for 2016
  • introduce options for better describing ‘closed’ organisations
  • work out more accurate ways to describe government roles that aren’t current
  • give worldwide organisations the ability to use topical events
  • launch a public beta of an HMRC manual
  • create a new format for editors to publish ‘manuals’
  • aim to release the unified search interface - search results will be presented as a single list (removing the tabs and the separation of the top 3 results)
  • add more Google Analytics tagging, to our improve understanding of user needs
  • stop 'out of office' emails triggering the 'fact-check received' state in Publisher
  • ensure that we are able to validate needs in Maslow
  • continue progress on Publishing 2.0

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  1. Comment by Graham posted on

    "made it possible for publishers to associate an item of content to more than one user need"

    Could you give an example of an item of content that serves more than one user need?


  2. Comment by Lisa Scott posted on

    Hi Graham
    This item ( is 'dual audience' - answering a need for employers and a related but separate need for employees.

    This item ( meets several needs:

    - cancel or change an appointment at the Jobcentre
    - talk to someone about a benefits claim I’ve already made
    - talk to someone about a new benefits claim