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How to request the alternative organisation page layout with featured services and guidance

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The information in this blogpost may now be out of date. See the current GOV.UK content and publishing guidance.

We recently blogged about the alternative organisation page which displays a list of up to 10 curated top tasks in the top centre of the page, labelled ‘Services and guidance’. This blog post explains how to request the new page layout on your organisation page.

Requesting the featured services and guidance links

The alternative organisation page layout is intended for organisations that have very little (if any) news, publishing or policy activity, but a high volume of users with very specific, service-oriented needs. It’s had a successful impact on Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency’s (DVLA) organisation page. UK Visas and ImmigrationMaritime and Coastguard Agency and Insolvency Service have recently started using it too.

To request this type of organisation page, please propose the text and URLs for up to 10 links via Zendesk as follows:

Choosing the links

When choosing links, you should consider:

  • what users are searching for from your organisation page
  • routing users to specialist browse pages (if you have them)
  • the top tasks from your existing organisation page
  • most popular content based on page views
  • Feedex comments
  • frequent contact centre queries
  • balancing mainstream and specialist user needs
  • seasonal trends (for example, applications for study visas or fishing rod licences)

GDS content designers can help you with choosing the links and the wording based on user’s needs.

Creating the links

When you’ve worked out which services and guidance users will benefit from, raise a Zendesk ticket (in the ‘General’ section) with the title ‘Alternative org page layout’ . We need to know the order in which you’d like the links to appear, as illustrated in the DVLA example:

Featured Services and guidance link list
Featured Services and guidance - Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency Org page

GDS will confirm receipt of the request and chosen links, and then apply the new layout to your organisation page.

Managing your links

The links shouldn't be a static list. You should iterate them regularly by checking analytics and feedback, and keeping up with seasonal trends.

We’d suggest looking at performance every fortnight, and then iterate.

Sharing and comments

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  1. Comment by Andrew Robertson posted on

    Hi - how do we go about amending and changing those services links; can we do our self or is that a Zendesk ticket? Thanks

    • Replies to Andrew Robertson>

      Comment by vickybuser posted on

      Hi Andrew,

      Please could you also raise a Zendesk ticket to request any changes to the links.

      Thanks, Vicky