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GOV.UK one year on: the Andy Murray effect

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GOV.UK celebrates its first birthday on Thursday. We’ll be writing about some of the most interesting data we’ve seen this year in the run-up.

Visitors normally come to GOV.UK to get things done or find out information to help with their private or professional lives. Whilst on an upward trend, traffic patterns are fairly consistent from week to week. But when big national events take place, is there an impact on traffic?

The Wimbledon Men’s Singles Final took place on 7 July and, for the first time in years, a Briton won the final.

We compared visits to GOV.UK on Sunday, 7 July with the Sunday before and Sunday after:

Graph showing traffic over 24 hours on a typical Sunday and the day of the Wimbledon final

Over the whole day, visits were down 25% from 30 June and down 18% on the average of the previous and next Sundays. Most of this drop was in the afternoon just before and during the match:

Graph showing GOV.UK visitor numbers on a typical Sunday afternoon vs the hours of the Wimbledon final

Over the five hours from 1:00pm to 6:00pm, visits were down 33% on the previous Sunday, with an even bigger fall in the last hour.

We also hypothesised that more people might have accessed GOV.UK by mobile or tablets on 7 July or that residents of Scotland might have been less inclined to visit GOV.UK, but that wasn’t the case.

30/06/2013 07/07/2013 14/07/2013
Desktop 63.34% 62.31% 61.97%
Mobile 21.52% 23.52% 23.80%
Table 15.13% 14.17% 14.24%
Prop. of visits from Scotland 6.32% 5.95% 5.79%

If you’d like to see the data, download this csv file.

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NOTE: We originally wrote that Murray's appearance was "the first time in years a Briton was in the final". Obviously we'd all blotted out his defeat in 2012. Cheers for the correction Jill!

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  1. Comment by Jill Rutter posted on

    This isn't true.. Andy Murray was in the final last year. He lost to Federer. you need a tennis fan on your tteam

    • Replies to Jill Rutter>

      Comment by matthewsheret posted on

      Good catch Jill - have updated that now. I think we'd all done our best to blot it out.

    • Replies to Jill Rutter>

      Comment by Peter Jordan posted on

      i was thinking that when I wrote the post. mea culpa - we should always check the context!

  2. Comment by Stephen Edwards posted on

    Now I never thought we would see an animated gif on GOV.UK! Love it!

    • Replies to Stephen Edwards>

      Comment by Andrew Robertson posted on

      And even more surprising, it works on my government computer!