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GOV.UK weeknotes (16 May)

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Loads of changes to GOV.UK to tell you about this time - including a brand-new search.

Things we’ve done in the past couple of weeks: the top 10

  1. Released unified search onto the live site (goodbye search tabs!)
  2. Added workflow and audit trail to Corporate Information pages
  3. Ensured that you can associate detailed guides with Maslow needs
  4. Allowed publishers to edit the description text for archived documents
  5. Introduced ways to more accurately describe ‘closed’ organisations (blogpost to come)
  6. Deployed the new State Pension Calculator
  7. Updates to lots of smart answers
  8. Research into ‘start’ pages and iterated on the design for the SORN start page
  9. Added bank holidays for 2016
  10. Investigated some problems with search results and logging in

Our plans for the next couple of weeks: top 10

  1. Improve the ‘featuring’ interface for organisations, topics, topical events and worldwide organisations - and add the ability to link to external sites
  2. Caveat GOV.UK’s list of ministers whenever there are changes in responsibility
  3. Improve the presentation of government roles which are no longer current
  4. Make GOV.UK blogs more mobile-friendly, and have a better blog index page
  5. Work out how we can help visitors to GOV.UK better orientate themselves on the site
  6. Launch A/B testing functionality for DVSA
  7. Update the home page
  8. Do user research on a smart answer prototype
  9. Add more Google Analytics tagging to all our publishing apps, to help assess user needs
  10. Look at how to give a visual distinction between Preview and Production

Finally, some of us took part in a restrained, dignified celebration of GDS winning the ‘Team of the Year’ net award.

photo 2

As always, if you have questions or feedback, do comment on this blogpost and we'll do our best to respond.

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