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Content clinic 18 September: what we talked about

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This clinic was a little different from previous ones. There was a lot to show so there were more presentations than usual.

Visualising publications data

Ashraf Chohan showed visualisations of data about how many publication content items are published and how many views they're getting. The insights this makes possible are quite compelling and there's a big appetite for this data. We're trying hard to get this in your hands soon.

Open data formats

Linda Humphries spoke about using open document formats and what a change this represents for government. She gave examples of how using these formats helps users as well as practical guidance for how to start making the change.

Performance platform

Will Roissetter spoke about the performance platform and how we're beginning to look at deeper metrics to measure how successful specific pieces of content are. This can be hard to measure so your help would be valuable.


Alan Maddrell spoke about the work the departments and policy content team in the Government Digital Service (GDS) has done with the Propriety and Ethics team in Cabinet Office and the Transparency Board. This is to bring consistency to how transparency data is published. This includes information like ministerial meetings and spend over certain limits.

Bringing content guidance together

Persis Howe spoke about how the departments and policy content team in GDS is bringing all the different sources of guidance for publishers together in 1 place.

Broken links report

We're not sending out the broken links report as it had too many false positives. We're looking at how to improve this.

Expected approval time for 'group' pages

The team meets every 2 weeks, so the longest it could be is 2 weeks before you get either a decision or a request for more information. It may take us a day or 2 to get back to you after the group meets.

Next content clinic

We've just booked the first content clinic up north. Please save the date (11:30am to 1pm on 30 October in Sheffield). We'll send invitations through Eventbrite nearer the time.

Content community

There's now an online community for digital content people in government. We invited everyone who come to the clinic and single points of contact within departments. Email if you haven't had an invitation.

Sharing and comments

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  1. Comment by Jeni Pitkin posted on

    The new guidance looks really good.

    I can't make the user research sessions. Please can you share the findings in the blog or on Basecamp?

    Thank you.

    • Replies to Jeni Pitkin>

      Comment by Persis Howe posted on

      Hi Jeni,

      We hope to have an alpha for the manuals out by the end of next week. We would love any feedback you have, once they are posted.