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Leanne Cummings, Deputy Director for Portfolio Delivery on GOV.UK, Government Digital Service

Head of Product, GOV.UK

The GOV.UK roadmap: what we’re working on through spring 2022

Person looking at a computer monitor with GOV.UK Roadmap open, and a laptop open to a Trello board

The GOV.UK Team has updated its roadmap to reflect what we’ve shipped, what we’re working on and what we’re exploring up to spring 2022. Read on to find out what the team is up to.

Using accounts to personalise the user experience on GOV.UK

Sketches made by the GOV.UK team

GOV.UK is thinking about ways that we can make it easier for users to interact with government. This post looks in a bit more detail at a key strand of this work - the exploration of a GOV.UK account